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Gordon Pickering, DVM

Dr. Gordon's Bio

Dr. Gordon is a native of Montana, where he grew up on a ranch that raised cattle, hogs, and hay. He fulfilled his pre-veterinary requirements during his three years at Montana State University in Bozeman. Gordon was then accepted to Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, earning his DVM in 1987. His first veterinary job, alongside his classmate and wife Dr. Julee Pickering, was in John Day, Oregon at a mixed animal practice, where they worked together for two years. He and Julee took over La Pine Animal Hospital in 1992 and have turned it into a successful, thriving practice.

Julee Pickering, DVM

Dr. Julee's Bio

Dr. Julee has practiced small animal medicine for 30 years. Julee’s childhood was spent on a hay farm in Eastern Colorado caring for dogs, cats, horses, and goats. She graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Julee’s veterinary interests include behavioral science and internal medicine. She loves interacting with furry critters and their loving parents. They have two children, Emily and Kyle, as well as a menagerie of four-legged kids that includes three dogs, two cats, nine horses, and two miniature horses.

Lani Voyles, DVM

Dr. Lani's Bio

Dr. Lani is a 1996 graduate of the Oregon State University Veterinary College and has worked at La Pine Animal Hospital since 2005. She has been married since 1999 and has two lovely daughters (Zoey and Katie), along with three dogs. She enjoys all of the outdoor activities of Central Oregon, including hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Dr. Lani loves all animals but is partial to smush-faced, snoring, and snorting breeds.

JoAnne Dixon, DVM

Dr. JoAnne's Bio

A graduate from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. JoAnne Dixon is excited to be able to help the pets in La Pine as she joins the La Pine Animal Hospital team. JoAnne was an associate at the Sun Valley Animal Center for 10 years before she became the medical director and executive director at Mountain Humane in Hailey Idaho. For the past 14 years, with her vision and leadership, MH was able to move into the new state-of-the-art animal welfare campus in 2019. Now, it is time for a new chapter, and JoAnne and her family are excited to be able to call Central Oregon their new home and look forward to having more great adventures here.


Kim's Bio

Kim started working at La Pine Animal Hospital in February 2003. Her and her husband moved to Oregon in 1995 from Susanville, CA. She has a son (Matthew), two daughters (Jenna and Stephanie), two snorting pugs, a cantankerous pit bull, and two kitties. In her spare time, she likes to be involved in her children’s extracurricular activities, craft, garden, and spend time on the water with her family. Kim loves having the ability to educate our clients and spend time with their pets.


Sarah's Bio

Sarah has been with La Pine Animal Hospital since January 2019 and is one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians. Sarah graduated from Penn Foster College in May 2021, earning an associate of science degree, and passed her Oregon medical boards in August 2021, earning the title of CVT. She has worked in small & large animal medicine, but her heart has always been in the small animal industry. Sarah has 3 dogs named Duke, Buckley, and Finnegan, who are all Australian Cattle Dogs, along with her 4 cats Cooper, Scoop, Rue, and Stewart, and her herd of goats. Sarah has always aspired to work with animals since a young age, and she’s living out her dream every day. In her off time, you can find Sarah working with her goats and being outdoors with her dogs.


Liz's Bio

Liz joined the La Pine Animal Hospital in July 2019! She graduated from the vet assistant course from Animal Behavior College. Liz has grown up on a ranch in La Pine her entire life and has always known that she wanted to be a part of the veterinary field. Liz and her boyfriend live in La Pine with their two dogs Ariat and Kona, along with four cats Auto, Mavee, O’Malley, and Caster.


Christina's Bio
Christina has lived in La Pine for 25 years, where her and her husband raised their three children. They now have 4 grandchildren. Her love for animals drew her to a career in the veterinary field. Christina rejoined the practice June of 2021, with 17 years of experience. Outside of her family Christina’s other passions include 4-H, which she has volunteered in various positions for the past 20 years, along with the Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET) for the past 15 years. She has two cats, two dogs, horses and goats. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and out on the trail and camping


Rebekah's Bio
Rebekah joined La Pine Animal Hospital in August 2020. While this is her first time in the veterinary field, she has spent 7 years working with animals in other settings. She has many pets of her own including dogs, rabbits, chickens, reptiles, and a parrot. Rebekah is working toward growing her own food on a sustainable homestead, and is in school to be a Certified Veterinary Technician!


Tamara's Bio
Tamara‎ joined‎ the‎ team‎ at‎ La‎ Pine‎ animal‎ hospital‎ in‎ September of‎ 2020.‎ She‎ has‎ been‎ a‎ long‎ time‎ client‎ of‎ La‎ Pine‎ animal‎ hospital‎ since‎1997 when‎ she‎ started‎ bringing‎ her‎ horse‎ Dooley.‎ She’s‎ always‎ had‎ a‎ love‎ for‎ animal’s,‎ as‎ a‎ child‎ she‎ would‎ bring‎ home‎ strays‎ and‎ in‎ recent‎ times‎ has‎ done‎ some‎ fostering.‎ She‎ loves‎ where‎ she‎ lives‎ in‎ Central‎ Oregon‎ and‎ enjoys‎ exploring‎ it‎ in‎ her‎ free‎ time‎ with‎ her‎ pups,‎ Hooch,‎ Taz,‎ River‎ Turbo,‎ and‎ Versace.


Tricia's Bio
Tricia joined La Pine Animal Hospital in May 2021 and is one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians! She moved to Central Oregon with her husband and two sons in 2005. She has been in veterinary medicine since 1991 after earning her degree in medical lab technology. Her special interests include dog behavior, wildlife medicine, and wild birds. In her spare time, Tricia enjoys baking, reading, and hiking the mountains. She is also an award-winning chocolatier!


Kristy's Bio
Kristy joined La Pine Animal Hospital in January 2021 and is one of our receptionists and veterinary assistants. Kristy has been working with animals since 2007, ranging from volunteering, rescue work, and shelter medicine. Although she doesn’t have any animals of her own currently, you can always find Kristy giving attention to all our patients here at the hospital and treating them as her own! In her off time, you can find Kristy enjoying the outdoors by fishing, camping, and exploring trails.


Josie's Bio
Coming soon!


Carol's Bio
Carol joined La Pine Animal hospital in 1992, where she has been professionally grooming since 1975. She has been a well-known breeder of Airedales, Norwich Terries, and Lakeland Terriers. Over the years, Carol has raised many AKC champion bloodlines and currently breeds and r aises Norwich Terriers. She says the breed either keeps her sane or drives her crazy, but she loves them regardless.


KC's Bio
KC joined La Pine Animal Hospital in November 2021 and is one of our customer service representatives! He moved to Central Oregon to be closer to his family and to live & build a sustainable outdoorsman lifestyle that he enjoys. KC has the sweetest Pit Mix named Bohannon, who loves everyone he meets! Being an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hiking, camping, archery, and shooting on his days off.

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